How To Save Time and Money When You Travel?

Travelling Time

I also have my stethoscope, which I definitely need. No matter where I go, what I’m doing. As a nurse, it’s kind of like I feel naked without it. So I always take it and my blood pressure cuff. You just never know when something may happen or someone may need a nurse. Or a nurse’s assistant. So, I take these things and you never know.

Like, I had an instance – I was out of town with family and I have an uncle who does have cancer and he wasn’t feeling good and he just had a fever and was feeling awful, but I had my items, and I had my stethoscope and my blood pressure cuff, and I checked on him, listened to him, did his blood pressure and his blood pressure was low. He actually had to wind up being admitted to the hospital on that trip because he was having some issues with his illness. So, as a nurse, I know you may not think you need it all the time, but it’s always good to take these two important things with you.

So I’ll go ahead and pack these. This compartment also can be used for the small toiletries. You can pack a little bag with just your toothpaste, toothbrush, the travel size body wash, lotion, or anything else you’ll need. The trip is pretty short and almost every hotel, everything you’ll need to take care of your hygiene, they’ll have at the hotel. So, when I’m packing light like this, I don’t even worry about that stuff. I just get the basic necessities and I make sure I make it on out to where I need to go.

Robotic Surgery At MUSC Health

Robotic surgery is a continued innovation of minimally invasive surgery from the initial laparoscopic surgery to more complex laparoscopic surgery and the robotic surgery allows surgeons to do minimally invasive surgery which is highly complex. It allows for reconstruction. There are the typical less blood loss in early recovery, but the fine movements that it allows are really what sets it apart from other types of surgery. MUSC has a wide breadth of programs available for patients and robotic surgery. It includes general surgery pediatrics, head and neck surgery, gynecologic surgery, urologic surgery. Essentially, any type of robotic surgery that can be performed, we are offering that. Well, the major advantage for a robotic surgery his ability to do minimally invasive surgery that is complex using the robotic assistance.

So as the referral center for this state, we routinely do complex surgery, and we do that robotically now. We have a large volume of providers who provide complex surgical care robotically, and that’s across all specialties. If you look at it, we have 16 providers, and more coming on, who do complex robotic surgery across all specialties. That is an advantage to the patient for many reasons. If there are any issues that require coordination of care from multiple providers, we have people across different specialties who can assist and continue to do this robotically. Additionally, not only are we doing robotic surgery, we doing complex laparoscopic surgery and that comes into play as well because these techniques are utilized in robotic surgery. If you look at all the practitioners who are doing the complex robotic surgery here at MUSC, more than half of them are fellowship trained and fellowship training is an important part I complex care delivery.

That means people who went above and beyond the training necessary to get special skills that we can provide to the patient. Well, our goals in surgery are always to provide the best care and surgical treatment for the patient. The robot translates open surgical movements to minimally invasive movements. So surgeons can take their standard movements and apply them in minimally evasive pattern which they may not have been able to do previously. It works very well in small spaces. Oftentimes, many of these surgeries were doing are in very difficult to get to locations and we simply put the camera down there and the instruments, which are long, and that is a big benefit of the patients as well. So we can reach places which we had difficulty in the past with open surgery reaching. When you’re making a difficult choice to have surgery and how to have surgery and where to have surgery, you want to make sure it’s in the most comprehensive program available. That’s with multiple providers who can assist in your care along the way. It’s important to remember that when you come to MUSC and receive robotic surgery, you’re getting that surgery from that provider you’ve chosen, but you’re also accessing the resources of all the other expertise as well.


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