Medical Information Center For Foreigners Opens In Seoul

Medical Information Center

Korea has opened a new medical information center to cater purely for foreign visitors. The country has become a real medical tourist hotspot for people around the world in recent years. Kim Min-ji went to check it out and filed this report. Tserendolgor is from Mongolia. She’s in Seoul to receive treatment for a thyroid and digestive condition she’s been battling because services here are more reliable than back home. “This Korean hospital is very famous among Mongolians. This is my second visit. The medical equipment and doctors here are top notch and the service is excellent.” She is just one of many foreigners receiving medical treatment in Korea. Back in 2009, just over 60-thousand medical tourists visited the country but by 2014, the figure grew more than four-fold. As of the first half of last year, the accumulative figure topped 1 million. Business is booming, but not for all hospitals. In a recent survey of some 200 local institutions Interpretation services were needed the most in order to attract foreign patients, followed by counseling support for visa issues.

Medical Tourism Program

To offer a helping hand the health ministry opened its first Medical Korea Information Center in central Seoul. “The center is expected to make it much more convenient for foreign patients in Korea — offering interpretation services, medical consulting as well as giving legal advice to sort out medical disputes.” Effective promotion of Korea’s medical tourism program is a huge factor for success but organizers says there’s more to it than that. “We’ve seen explosive growth during the past eight years. But at the same time, problems have grown too, including the issue of illegal brokers. As the market gets bigger, it’s not just about promotion of our services. Foreigners need to trust us in order to come to us.” Some of the center’s first visitors were impressed. “It’s very good that I can get Russian services here. I’ve had difficulties before because I don’t speak Korean.” Along with the opening of the center Korea plans to boost comprehensive support and offer more diverse medical tourism packages with the aim of attracting some 400,000 visitors this year alone.

What Are Equipment I Hospital To Keep You Safe?

First of all, you will see an incentive spirometer. This is a device that helps maintain deep breaths for you. We’d like for you to use this every hour or two. The nurses will train you on how to use this, and this helps prevent pneumonia and fever. You will also see pumps around your legs. These are called sequential compression devices. The goal of these devices is to prevent blood clots. They help blood flow back to the rest of your body from your legs. You will also have an oxygen saturation monitor to ensure that you’re taking good, deep breaths and that you’re breathing appropriately. You will have a monitor on your finger that will attach to the O2 sat monitor. You’ll also have an intravenous line in your hand or in your arm. This is something that can beep sometimes if it’s not flowing appropriately. But understand this is in place to get you the medications and fluids that you need.


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