Medical Tourism In Panama and Gum Global Surgery

Medical Tourism

Panama Medical Tourism has been developed because the Secretariat of Tourism and the Secretariat of Health created an agreement. It is for the patients, mainly Hispanics that have migrated to the United States and Canada to offer them plastic surgery to a lower cost and it means that you can save 40% and even 60% cheaper including your travel expenses. Mexico represents the second place in Medical Tourism with 1.2 million patients annually in different strategic cities like, Tijuana, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Cancun. Before going under an aesthetic cosmetic procedure with us, a foreign patient must know widely the treatment. We make virtual consultations where we talk specifically about the body part that’s going to be treated not only to know the doctor who’s going to perform the surgery but also to know its career path and also to contract a medical insurance for any kind of complication.

Safe Procedure

The patient can come and to go under that procedure feeling safe, giving us a bigger successful rate. The most requested procedures by Medical Tourism patients are mainly the liposuction, ultrasonic lipo, traditional liposuction but that’s the most requested because the patients know that the recovery is very quickly they can have also facial surgery or an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) the tummy tuck which in the USA can cost 3 times more than with a conventional plastic surgeon. We make possible the arrival of a medical tourism’s patient because we have arrangements with hotels, transportation and they don’t have to be worried about anything. The medical tourism’s patient comes to be attended with quality and with personalized attention. Then, they arrive to the airport, we sent people to bring them. Come to the clinic where they have their first personal check-up with us. We review the whole procedure, we explain them everything about it and the possible complications and if there aren’t doubts we perform the surgery the next day. We take them to their hotels, too and there they can have nurse attention. The doctor checks on them every 24 or 48 hours until we decide to discharge them. The post surgery follow-up is also made by videoconference.

Gum Global Surgery

So for someone doesn’t know what Global Surgery means, it’s that real gap in healthcare delivery between what we see in the UK and the developing world, the types of things that we take for granted. I cycle around London, I’m coming to Glasgow and seeing plenty of people cycle around here. If you’re knocked off your bike, you take for granted that you will end up in an emergency department and get surgery. It’s just not there. It’s really not there and surgery, arguably more than any other area, really encapsulates that that gap between what we see here and what’s abroad. I oversee three health partnerships in Sierra Leone, Somaliland and the DRC. Health for me is one of those key building blocks in an international development context. You can’t go and do things like livelihood or education or prosperity or any of those other priorities without having a healthy society. Working with Andy Leather and seeing the outcomes of the Lancet Commission report, you see how vital Global Surgery is and it’s great that it’s now got recognition amongst other key health issues.


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