Medical Tourism Travel and Advantages Of Medical Tourism In Greece

Medical Tourism Travel

Increasing number of people from Bangladesh are choosing to go abroad for medical treatment. The main destinations where these patients travel are the Asian neighbors, but why do they seek medical care of sight of their home country? Frustrated by high costs for quality of health care services or lack of unavailable specialized medical treatments and advanced facilities, many people from Bangladesh choose to be treated in countries like India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. These places feature experienced, qualified doctors, low-cost surgical procedures, and quality nursing care.

Several procedures that are not available in their home country and world class medical facilities. Bangladeshi who go abroad for medical treatment are mainly seeking for orthopedic procedures, cosmetic procedures, dental treatment, general surgery, urology procedures and all technological treatments. For many of them becoming a medical tourists is also a chance to combine a nice vacation with the treatment they’re undergoing. PlacidWay medical tourism company that helps patients from Bangladesh choose from a wide range of treatment packages offered by renowned medical centers in India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in Greece

Who didn’t hear about Greece’swarm hospitality and flawless to touristic services, not to mention the wealth of cultural and natural environments? Praised by so many people there is an average of sixteen million people enjoying the country attractions every year? But did you know that Greece, among traveler’s hot spots, is also recognized for its top notch health care system? It’s the birthplace of Medicine and the cradle of modern civilization. After all, the country features world-class hospitals, clinics and dedicated specialist doctors trained in the most reputable medical centers on the globe. The Greek medical services are ranked as one of the highest worldwide and still according to the World Health Organization. Costs for health care remain among the lowest in the world. PlacidWay is affiliated with the best hospitals and clinics in the Greek healthcare industry so that patients receive comprehensive and customized solutions from top specialists.

Avoiding Surgery With Stem Cell Therapy

Maybe it’s more of a statement, and that is my doctor said my knee is bone-on-bone And I want you to know that that is very rarely actually the case so Yes, when we see those x-rays. There is damage there is Issues with the joint it is degenerative, there’s not a lot of space, but I can tell you that Probably 95 times out of 100 the person still has some joint space left and Yes, they are in the degenerative process, but those patients still qualify for Stem-cell therapy and so if you are interested in stem cell therapy I would love to answer questions for you on it It’s unbelievable technology Our patients are doing fantastic While a lot of other things will not work Stem cell therapy Absolutely makes a difference and we’ve had I can’t tell you that number but Patient after patient weekly on a weekly basis where the person said my doctor told me on bone on bone. I need to get a knee replacement We look at their x-rays we determine whether they qualify for stem-cell treatment we decide whether they do or they don’t if they do we do the injection and I can’t tell you how many times that person has come back and said my knees feel great. I’ve canceled the surgery I’m no longer doing it, and I’m really happy with my decision That happens literally on a daily basis if you can avoid or even prolong a knee replacement You are really putting yourself in a better situation.


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