Medical Treatment and Medical Tourism In Croatia

Medical Treatment

High medical costs, Long waiting times and lack of skilled doctors make people look abroad for medical treatments. India is a top medical travel destination providing high quality healthcare at affordable rates. Hospitals have advanced facilities, International certifications like JCI and highly skilled doctors. Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medical treatment also attracts people to India. INDHEAL is the one stop solution for your medical travel covering treatment bookings, Travel and stay arrangements, Local transportation and language support.

Finding a hospital for your treatment is simple. Type in words related to your treatment, Filter the list the way you want and view more details about the hospital. Requesting a treatment plan is easy, Just provide details about your treatment needs and contact details We will then provide you a complete treatment and travel plan through our partnerships with Hospitals, Hotels and travel operators. You will also get complimentary hotel stays and other attractive offers from us INDHEAL team is available on call, chat and E-mail at all times to ensure that you have safe and comfortable medical travel.

Medical Tourism in Croatia

Croatia is an ancient place of rivers, mountains, beaches and islands. The waters of Adriatic Sea lap against its western border, offering natives and visitors access to thousands of tiny and picturesque islands that Croatia is famous for. Croatia’s interior is graced with the Dinara mountain range, offering summer and winter fun for all. Whether looking for beaches, forests, plains or mountains, Croatia has the best of everything.

Croatia is extremely competitive health and medical destination for safe and affordable treatments not only for neighboring Europeans, but travelers from North and South Americans well. Croatia is building a growing reputation for the best service that still beats medical or health costs from throughout Europe and North America. Croatia packages: Dental Care, Physical Therapy, Cosmetic Surgery, Rehabilitation. Croatia medical centers: Smile Studio, Croatia;Pantalon Dental Practice, Croatia; Arcadia Clinic – Poliklinika Arcadia, Croatia; Dental Implants Croatia; Placid Croatia; Terme Selce- Physical Therapy, Croatia.

All About Plastic Surgery

Beautique Korea is a government approved medical agency who provides services for non Korean patients who want to get a plastic surgery in Korea They’ve listed all the services & benefit you’ll get if you want to choose them to assist you there. They’ll provide you FREE pickup service from / to airport, FREE premium taxi from / to clinic, and many more. they will assist us from day 1 to our last day in Korea and the BEST thing about beautique Korea is all the services above are FREE you don’t have to pay any penny to Beautique Korea, you only have to pay for the plastic surgery (they don’t mark up the price don’t worry) So, the price that you’ll pay without using Beautique Korea would be the same as if you are using it.

That is why I chose Beautique Korea to assist me for my first plastic surgery. I’ve arrived in Korea! went straight to the clinic from the airport since I’m planning to get my surgery on the first day Beautique Korea had prepared everything for me, so I don’t have to do anything. (they picked us from airport as well with premium taxi) So, this is where I would get my plastic surgery, I chose Banobagi clinic because I’ve heard lots of good reviews about the clinic since they have a good reputation, it makes me feel less worried and scared that the result might disappoint me Here’s a quick tour inside the clinic! the clinic is quite packed, but thanks to Beautique Korea, I don’t have to wait/queue Before entering the consultation room, they asked me to fill the form first They took pictures of my face before surgery so it’ll be easier for the doctor to point out which area that needed correction Consultation time


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