Need Of Facebook Video Ads and Medical Tourism In Israel

Facebook Video Ads

1. Reason number one and by far the most important is: it builds trust fast. Just a quick little video explaining what you and your practice is all about and demonstrating competence goes a long way in building trust really quickly. You know when you’re watching a video and you can kind of get to know the person as you’re watching the video? That’s exactly why you should be doing it and I’m sure you know that trust is paramount in the medical industry.

2. Reason number two is “Retargeting.” You can actually retarget people based off of how much of one your previous videos they watched so for example you would only target people who watched fifty percent or maybe even seventy-five percent or more of one of your other videos. This way you’re not retargeting people who only just skim through your video or only watched the first three seconds.

3. Reason number three is Facebook actually prefers videos and so they give it an algorithm bump. This means that videos are more likely to show up in people’s newsfeeds than regular posts and also; as people are scrolling down, Facebook auto plays videos so people are more likely to stop and actually watch your ad and that is why facebook video ads is one of the best lead generation methods for medical professionals today.

Medical Tourism in Israel – Affordable Medical Treatment and Surgery

Israel has plenty of things to offer, from biblical ruins crusader fortresses and world war two memorials to cosmopolitan city, the cultural mix in breathtaking environment are definitely unforgettable. But a sign of its touristic worthiness the Holy Land ranks as one of the greatest medical destinations. There are about 50,000 foreigners that decide to undergo medical treatment in Israel annually and they travel here from all around the globe. The country has a global reputation for high quality health care and world-renowned facilities. The Israeli health care system features top of the line resources, high standards care, modern hospitals and features. All of these justify the country’s popularity and make its reputation unquestionable.


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