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A lot of Canadians are, of, under the impression that they’re covered because of universal health care, for if anything happens to them if they have to go the hospital because we’ve got OHIP, or whatever provincial thing we happen to have. Something that uh, you should be very aware of, is that if you’re covered in British Columbia for one topic, or one area of your health insurance, if you come to Ontario, certainly they’ll look after in the hospital in Ontario, but the bill is going to be paid, is only going to be paid on the B.C. scale and there may be a difference that you’re going to have to be responsible to, to, to be paid. It’s not that they won’t look after you.

They’ll certainly take care of your needs. But, if you’re hospitalized for any length of time or even just a brief period of time, you know there’s an old saying, that one of the biggest expense in traveling is a medical expense that’s unforeseen. So, if you need help, or if you need assistance take a look around at what we’ve got to offer in terms of information on our web site. We also offer the ability to buy your own uh, uh, travel insurance online. You can click to uh, our on-line buy. You can get the information you need.

Seoul City opens medical tourism website in 4 languages

The city of Seoul has opened its first-ever medical tourism website to help the growing number of foreigners coming to the Korean capital for medical services. City officials say the site will offer information on the city’s top 50 hospitals for cosmetic surgery, medical screening and the rest in English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Visitors to the website will be able to have online chats with experts to talk over the various services, fees or any concerns they might have. The website is part of the city’s move to attract 400-thousand medical tourists by 2018 up from the 155-thousand recorded last year. You can check the website yourself by going to medicaltourseoul website.

Medical Tourism In Poland

In Poland in the gathered data of admitted patients still excels dentistry. Dental treatment is mostly low-invasive, so is not that sensitive when it comes to Patient’s trust Second most popular group of procedures is plastic and cosmetic surgery Here, the main factor is that cosmetic surgery is not refunded by national insurance companies so people are searching for more favorable offers in private clinics abroad That is why they search for cheaper options abroad Also, orthopedics is gaining popularity, as well as spa & wellness or physical therapy these are the trends So, to make it short, can we stress in points the requirements that the medical facility should meet to invite the foreign Patient? If the medical facility would like to handle international Patients first of all the staff needs to be English- speaking.

It also needs to provide the Patient with a single or double room with separate bathroom WI-FI, English-language TV channels Both doctors, nurses and staff should speak English The medical documentation must be in English too. It is recommended for the clinic to achieve a quality certification here in Poland most popular is ISO also very welcome and appreciated is JCI an international and recognized certificate Patients willingly choose package offers it is convenient for them if the hospital provides the airport pick up service the accommodation also for the accompanying person so the Patient does not need to worry about the organizational details.


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