Permanent Dentures and Medical Tourism In Spain

Permanent Dentures

Came down four years ago to get a procedure done as I had dentures for 50 years and I needed to get something done that would work after the bone had worn out. So, I was advised by some people that it would be okay to come down to Mexico and do it. Sure enough, it worked! We came down and we’ve had a good experience as far as people are concerned. We had the dentures on four pegs and that part didn’t work because one peg or implant didn’t hold the first time. So, we had to start all over again. We did get the fourth one in last year. Now, we are finishing that one off. Price was very much a consideration. I had to feel enough to know what I should be doing because of the wearing of the bottom jaw. This is when the decision became obvious. It was all pretty good. We drove down twice from Canada and we flew down the other time.

Medical Tourism in Spain – Destination for Health and Tourism

Spain amazes with a breathtaking architecture and culture with beautiful cities, festivals, historic buildings, amazing food, different landscapes and so many more. But did you know that over the years Spain has become one of the most popular medical tourism destinations for people from all over the world? Medical tourists are attracted by highly qualified surgeons and doctors, affordable prices and advanced medical facilities. Spain was ranked by the world health care organization on the seventh place when it comes to the best health care in the world.

Mainly due to the country’s modern clinics and hospitals equipped with world-class medical equipment some of the procedures which makes Spain this sought in medical tourism destination or in cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery and elective surgery, international patients are drawn to Spain by the high quality procedures offered at competitive prices. Every year a numerous medical tourists travel to Spain for medical treatment.

General Surgery By Physician

Figured out pretty quickly in medical school that I liked working with my hands and I liked having well-defined problems that typically have well-defined solutions and general surgery specifically I like having a variety of cases. I like having a lot of different things that I do. I think I get bored if I was only doing one thing and so I just I like having a variety of cases on my schedule for the day. Well I think the biggest thing that sets Southwest Medical Clinic apart from other surgery practices generally is the faith-based orientation of the practice. We have several partners with our group who are long-term medical missionaries in various parts of the world. As the United States based partners we have the freedom to go and do medical mission trips to other parts of the world as well–usually on a short-term basis and the understanding within the group is that the other partners will cover for the partner who’s gone.

We’ll take care of his or her patients while he or she’s away and provides us with the call coverage and the flexibility that’s necessary to take those kinds of trips. I truly believe the best way to connect with people generally and particularly patients is to be open and honest and transparent and to discuss things in some detail and I also believe that if you really understand something as a physician, you should be able to explain that concept, disease, operation whatever it may be in terms that the average kind of typical person can understand that someone who doesn’t have a decade of medical training can understand and I think that’s really a mark of how well I understand something is how well I can explain it to you and in a way that you can walk away and say okay I get that


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