Weight Loss and Shoulder Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

I am in Mexico, pursuing bariatric surgery so that I can lose weight. It has been a struggle all of my life and I saw this as a possible opportunity to be able to lose weight. The price in Mexico was one-third of what it would be at home and I felt that the doctors were equally as qualified and also felt that it was more personal. I felt I was reached out to and talked to in a way that made me feel secure enough to come. It is a little bit better than what I expected because I did expect a driver to come but I did not expect such diligent care where there was somebody there at every moment, every Step of the way so there was no confusion.

It is a little hectic to come from your own country, go to another country and have a surgery and go back but it has really been pretty easy. Dr. Green was outstanding; I have not had any difficulties whatsoever. Everything that he said or everything that he promised has happened and it has actually happened better than I would have expected. He was there and there was also another team of doctors who handled well. I am very appreciative; I feel that I received the best possible care than I could have received.

There was an unforeseen incident, they caught it quickly and were able to deal with it so that it did not become a problem and I appreciate them. LIMARP was very clean. The facility was very accommodating. I do not know what else to really say about it, other than I felt just as safe as if I were in the United States. Yes, I will recommend it to my friends and I would recommend them that they do it the exact same way I did because it was easy and it was panic free. Just that I am looking forward to the future to see, a year from now the results. I feel that it is going to be positive. So, I am excited about the future.

Power Of Possible – Shoulder Surgery

I was redoing my bathroom and loaded some debris into a dumpster and when I reached my limit I heard a pop, and then I felt the pain. It was the second time I did the same thing to my arm which makes it harder to fix because there’s more scar tissue and there’s less healing tissue. What’s unique here at the University of Connecticut is that we have a biology group that looks at how tendon heals to bone. We have a biomechanics group that looks at how those repairs hold up under different stresses. We were able to take his bone marrow, concentrate it, place it in the area of our repair, and then use his own ability to heal himself to maximize his healing ability. At physical therapy we’re able to restore range of motion and function, and get people back to doing what they really love to do. He did absolutely everything that we wanted him to do in a slow, gradual way over the course of six months, so now he’s 100 percent. My surgery was nine months ago. I’m able to a lot of things that I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be able to do again, like swim, and golf, and throw my kids up in the air.


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