Gastric Bypass and Physical Therapy Program

Gastric Bypass

I came to Mexico – Tijuana to go ahead and pursue the bypass, gastric bypass surgery. Cost was a major factor, of course and also, I was more comforted by knowing that it was covered under the Better Business Bureau. So, those are just little factors that made me, made my decision to go with this company.

  • Well, I viewed other companies well, it just seemed that this one had better ratings and comparisons to everyone else. I felt the service was great, it was phenomenal. My experience here with the doctors, they are very attentive, with nurses it was great, the staff in general were great. Have no concerns or questions that were left unanswered.
  • I felt really comfortable and confident with all my services. LIMARP hospital was very clean. That was another factor that I was concerned about but, once I walked in to those stores, it was very nice, it was better than any hospital that I have been in Northern California. The hotel here is nice, it has a lot of accommodation. They have a swimming pool, they have jacuzzi and they have a lot of other activities that you can attend to and you should stay within the resort, it’s really nice.
  • Everything has been really smooth and straightforward. Dr. Green was amazing, he did a great job. He came and explained everything that was to be done, Step by Step. Then, after the procedure was over, he went to speak with my husband, to let me know that everything went well. After that, in the following day, he came to follow-up with me, to see how I am doing and how I am feeling and he explained everything to me and told me what I should be expecting from here on forward.

Yes, I would highly recommend this program for anybody who is in a position similar to myself or severely overweight and you are having hard time to go ahead and lose the weight on your own. I really do recommend this procedure. Just that, other than Dr. Green, it’s amazing and all the staff members were really nice and friendly. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Physical Therapy Program After Surgery

Working well with your physical therapist, or PT, and occupational therapist, or OT, is key to your activity after surgery. Our goal is to have you mobilize the day of surgery. For most people, this is in the evening. Even if it’s standing and taking a few steps, we want to get you moving early. The days following surgery, you’ll work with the physical therapist generally twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, after lunch. The goal is to work on gait training, strengthening, and safely transitioning you from bed to a chair and activities like that. The occupational therapist will work with you on activities of daily living such as bathing and eating. Both of them together will finalize and help with your assessment of needs at home in terms of special arrangements and equipment. So, after you’ve had surgery, you will meet a lot of people who will help you.


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