Italy – A Rising Star In Medical Tourism Industry


According to UNESCO Italy has half of the world’s artistic archaeological and historical structures. No wonder why this love for beauty and the arts transcends into their health care as well. Looking and feeling good has always been a top priority for Italians, and the country emerging as a popular medical destination for hair transplantation procedures and cosmetic surgery among others. 10 reasons to choose Italy for your health care needs.

  1. Italy may not be the cheapest destination for medical tourism, but because they specialize in the following procedures, medical tourists go to Italy for their health care these include procedures that improve look such as hair transplantation procedures, cosmetic surgery and dentistry.
  2. Variety of medical treatments on all disciplines and incorporation of scientific research in its clinical practice.
  3. Innovative surgeries and advanced rehabilitation services for sports medicine.
  4. Specialized laparoscopic procedures on the following disciplines – EMT, gynecology, spine, orthopedics and bariatrics.
  5. Specialization and cardiovascular diseases and emergencies and endocrine disorders.
  6. Specialization in the following breakthroughs prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of a rare genetic disorders and chromosomal alterations.
  7. Percutaneous laser disc decompression PLDT alternative for back surgery in Italy has the highest ratio of doctors per capita in the whole world.
  8. Private hospitals in Italy provide accommodations similar to a five star hotel.
  9. Treatment referrals are not hard to get by.
  10. Hospitals in Italy offer short waiting list easier access to health care services fitness centers and spas countryside scenery and tourists and fashions spots.

How PlacidWay can help medical tourists like you? Through PlacidWay we can help you and your family gets access to personalized, safe, high quality and affordable health care that fits within your budget needs. You can have access to over 250 clinics and medical centers around the world. Key centers in Italy – Italian Auxological Institute, Italy ICC – Institute of Clinical Cardiology, Italy.

Spinal Fusion Surgery Success Story

Pain was pretty much taking over in my life. I’ve had lower back pain probably for the past three or four years and progressively started getting worse so I knew you know something wasn’t right that You know a healthy person. It’s not normal to have really bad lower back pain. I just didn’t have good quality of life I love to work out. I consider myself a very active person. Started out with conservative therapy, conservative treatment. I had short-term relief. I think the most relief I ever got from Those treatments was probably like a week. It was a long journey to come to that decision to have the fusion. I had done my research and I Think any person is going to be scared about having a major surgery, and a lumbar fusion surgery it is a major surgery. The procedures is actually called a TLIF T-L-I-F My lower two vertebra and my lumbar spine were fused. The hospital I was having my surgery at, St. Lukes… …it’s a very good Hospital So that helped alleviate some of the fear and anxiety I was having. It was it was a great experience at St. Lukes It could not have been better for me.

The staff could have been better. They were super nice very accommodating, attentive, everyone from the nurses to the P.A.s, to the surgical techs… even to the chaplain. I remember I remember him praying with me before the surgery It was a very positive experience at St. Luke’s and also the physical therapists that worked with me They were great. They came by my room every morning. Got me walking around each one of you did such a great job taking care of me making sure I was comfortable. The facility itself was really nice state-of-the-art Modern. The bed was very comfortable. I mean even the TV had like I think they had HBO on the TV I felt very comfortable, and I knew I was in good hands recovering after the surgery Everyone collectively did such a great job of taking care of me, and I feel great And I’m so glad I made the decision to have the surgery. I walk about an hour a day That probably comes out Three miles, I probably walk three miles a day I feel great I’m roughly three months after surgery, but I don’t think I’m limited in any way Here in the near future or in the long term someone’s you know contemplating having spine surgery in San Antonio


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