Lead Generation Strategy For Your Medical Tourism Business


On the off chance that you are in the medical tourism business, you have probably asked why insurance companies and other large companies have not totally embraced medical tourism. Industry analysts say that huge deals are forthcoming, yet they have been singing the same tune for about 5 years. On the off chance that you offer a purchaser, corporate or something else, half to 80% in saving, it sounds like an “unquestionable requirement have” deal. In any case, notwithstanding when the allure is valid, individuals get scared.

The way we market our business is definitely online where we generate most of our leads a 24 hour service an attentive service that knows about the topics that we discuss in our services and that’s one of the problems that basically solved for us to have a 24/7 attention and an immediate response to all of our visitors in our website. What made me decide is definitely checking them out speaking to the representatives that they made it very easy for us to install the system in our website and it was often running in no time and we’re already getting contact forms from them within the first 24 to 36 hours after it was set up the benefits like I said were right away we increase our conversions. we follow thoroughly everything that Google Analytics give us gives us in our website so for us to be able to see that change in the conversion in terms of percentage it was incredible this is a system that was not available in my country so having it established so quickly and having a communication that was very expedite with Terry and all of the team there was so easy that would definitely has helped us to improve our customer service.

Account Handling

It has helped us to improve our conversion rate our visitors on our website and obviously has given us more clients so they’re also the good thing is that handling my account with their team. it’s very easy they usually respond right away they have an admin panel that accesses to my account which is very easy to handle payment going through that way, so all of that backend work and in our relationship has also been very smooth so that’s something that I always see as a big value and big benefit with all of the providers that we work with main thing that I like also. It’s the way that the team engages with our customers it’s not something that can be sensed as invasive on the contrary.

I think our clients have referred to us that they find that very helpful and especially with the line of services we cannot do cart sale or push too hard so it’s definitely the right balance the way in the tone that the people have had. all Chat Metrics handles each and every one of our requests definitely for me has been a great experience to work with them I recommend them to anybody that wants to improve their results in terms of conversion of visitors to contact forms or leads in website this is a tool that I haven’t seen before and I would definitely keep working with them for a long time and hopefully we can increase our business together so the recommendation is out there.


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