Top 10 Reasons For Medical Tourism In Costa Rica

Medical Tourism

Costa Rica is not just the enchanting land for the eco traveler but also is becoming the hot spot for cosmetic and dentistry procedures as well. Patients from across the US and Canada are traveling to this tropical paradise but the real question is, Should you join the bandwagon? Here are the top 10 reasons why Medical Tourism is growing in Costa Rica.

  1. Cost Comparison. If you think of opting for cosmetic surgery or dental implants then the expenses can drill a deep hole in your hard-earned saving!. Check out the cost comparison in Costa Rica and USA.
  2. Hidden costs. When you choose a reliable medical tourism provider, like PlacidWay, you not only get the right price for a specific procedure but also you will never be charged even a penny more than what is applicable.
  3. Transparency is what you will get!.
  4. Different types of cosmetic surgery procedures in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small country but offers cosmetic surgery and offers almost every single procedure that you can think of. Different types of dental procedures in Costa Rica. Americans and Canadian medical tourists are favoring Costa Rica not just for plastic surgery procedures only; cosmetic dentistry is as much popular as well.
  5. State of the Art Equipment. Equipment plays an all important role in any plastic surgery and dental procedure.
  6. You will be surprised to know that, hospitals and clinics in San Jose and other parts of Costa Rica offer nothing short of the best infrastructure.
  7. Skillful Practitioners. The surgeons and doctors possess experience and skills that have helped them achieve a good record when it comes to successful treatment.
  8. The Medical Team. The main aim of medical teams is to ensure quick and safe recovery of patients in their health care facility.
  9. Transport and Weather. You can arrive by air or road. Once in Costa Rica, you can use rental cars or public bus service to facilitate your visit to the medical facility.
  10. Post-Operative Care. Medical Tourism agencies like PlacidWay offer a variety of packages that are meant to help you in the recuperation process including stay at the hospital or at some of the finest hotels on town.

Costa Rica, the small tropical paradise tucked deep in Central America is rapidly becoming the “go to” destination for medical tourists from the USA and Canada. It is time to pack your bags and head for medical holiday to this exotic destination.

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