Treatment Prices Abroad and Why More Canadians Choose To Be Medical Tourists??

Medical Tourists

Placidway is a leader in global medical tourism. With us, you can find the best medical options for you. So how you can find and compare the treatment prices with PlacidWay.

  • First, go to our website Go to the top. Click on the option bar where it says. Plan Medical Travel and then click on, Treatment Pricing. You will get a list of treatments. But first take a look in the grey bar, the different options you can see of these treatments Medical Centers, packages, pricing, doctors, articles, treatments, videos, testimonials, news, questions and answers.
  • Choose a treatment that you are interested to. Click on it and you will get a list of Featured Medical Provider Pricing or Worldwide Average Pricing.

You can have a look and compare centers, locations, prices, and if you go inside the center profile you can get more specific details. When you feel ready you can contact us and fill it with your personal information.

Why More Canadians Choose To Be Medical Tourists?

A growing number of Canadians are choosing to go abroad for medical treatment. More and more patients are receiving treatment in foreign countries. Latin America is one of the destinations that Canadians visit the most in their search for medical care.

  • Frustrated by high prices lack of insurance and lengthy wait time for non-emergency procedures people choose to cross borders two countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala and El Salvador.
  • These countries preacher flawless healthcare systems, quality medical care advanced medical facilities, renowned doctors, high-tech equipment and great outcomes.
  • The affordability of the treatments is another factor that makes Canadians opt to travel to Latin America.
  • Most of the patients who receive medical care in Latin America are undergoing urology, general surgery, and ophthalmology, dental, orthopedic, cosmetic and plastic procedures.
  • For many, becoming a medical tourism is also a chance to combine a tropical vacation with plastic or elective surgery.

Stonehaven Medical Group – Surgery Pod

The surgery has now introduced the surgery pod. This touch screen can be found in our waiting area and you start by entering your year of birth. You then select your month and date of birth and you will then enter your surname and forename so that the surgery pod can confirm that you are registered patient of the practice and once you have entered all of your details into the surgery pod this will then allow you to access the main menu. Once you have entered the main menu you then have a range of different options. Here you can see those options displayed and in this case we’re going to select blood pressure reading. The pod will ask you if you have any known conditions which may affect the importance of your blood pressure reading and will then move on to give instructions about how to use the blood pressure machine for entering the readings. The blood pressure machine will automatically request that you take three readings.

Once you’ve taken the readings it is very important that you click yes to the following question so the information is sent directly to your medical record. We will now show you how to take a blood pressure reading using the machine. Here Dr Howard shows that you must insert your arm fully into the machine and then press the green button on the top to start the process. The machine will then pump tightly up around your arm and you will feel some pressure at this point, the reading will take approximately one minute to take and once the reading becomes available you will see it on the machine in front of you and they will also display surgery pod touch screen. You will also get a printout from the machine that you can take with you and have a note of your reading there. Once the reading has displayed clearly on the touch screen it is important that you then click OK to confirm the reading at which point the pod will then prompt you to take a second and third reading. Once your readings have all been collected it is very important that you then click on YEs as shown here which will send the information through to your medical record which will then be available for the doctor to see


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