What Is Disability Support Pension?


If you get Disability Support Pension or DSP you, may need to have a Medical Risk Based Review. The Review assesses your eligibility for DSP based on current rules. As part of your Review we consider your situation and assess your medical evidence. We may also talk to your treating doctors. Qualified health and allied health professionals thoroughly review the medical information you give us. They also consider any other information you give us about your situation. We consider any changes to your medical condition, based on evidence you gave us and treatment options for your medical condition.

Quality Check

We want to make sure the Review is thorough and that you’ve had an opportunity to give us all the relevant evidence. Sometimes the quality check may take a few times, meaning the Review can take some time to complete. If the Review shows you are still eligible for DSP, you’ll continue to get payments as usual. For some people though, the assessment will mean you’re no longer eligible. If you’re no longer eligible for DSP, we’ll call you to explain the reasons for the decision. We’ll also send you a letter. You’ll continue to get DSP for six weeks from the date we told you about the cancellation. During that time we’ll help you explore other options for assistance.

This may include support from a Social Worker and help to transition to another income support payment more suited to your circumstances. If you think the decision was wrong or you have more medical evidence you can contact us to request a review. You should do this as soon as possible, within thirteen weeks of being notified of the decision. If you submit a request after 13 weeks of notification and we can change the decision this will affect your payment start date. You’ll get your payment from the date you requested the Review not from the date we first cancelled your payment.


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